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be free is about photos, taking them, organizing them, enjoying them and getting them off of memory cards and hard drives so they are easy to share.

It's such a shame that so many photos are doomed to end their days lost on old SD cards. Or just filed away on a laptop hard drive along with thousands of others to never to see the light of day again. Of course there are bad photos, and those that most people would not be interested in. But family and friends rarely get to enjoy the ones we do take. We're either perfectionists who have never finished 'tweaking' them so they are ready for their grand unveiling, or too hard on ourselves and don't think our snapshots are 'good enough'.

It's easier than ever to take photos, we're taking more of them now than at any point in history - but the vast majority of them are never seen by anybody.

We're here to say, no more, stop all that. Unless you're entering a competition or are a professional photographer, you can forget all about Photoshop - you don't need it. If a photo is genuinely rubbish, just delete it. With the rest just do whatever minimal adjustments are necessary (if any!), and upload or share them. Let your photos be free :-)