5 Most Popular Interesting Photography Gadgets

As a photographer or plain snapshot taker you can buy a head dizzying variety of gadgetry. Sure you can buy endless different memory cards, cables and batteries – but what about the weird and wacky stuff we all (apparently) desperately want, need and love?

Here’s a quick list of some of the most interesting I came across on a cold and wet day whilst browsing Amazon’s most wanted and most loved photography gadgets. Bear in mind there are currently over 1,765,717 items listed in their Photogaphy Accessories category alone! Yes, that’s an astounding 1.7 Million items (what could they possibly all be?).

The Camera Raincoat

camera raincoatYes, gosh darn it, it is a raincoat for your camera. If I had one today maybe I would be out using it instead of writing this blog post 🙂

Of course you could just use a bin liner (trash bag) and rubber band combo… cut hole for lens, fold plastic out around lens to form hood and secure with rubber band. But you’d be missing out on the see through plastic panel at the back.

Your Own Portrait Studio

portrait lighting kitYou can spend a fortune on a pro set-up, but look what you can get for barely more than $50.

This lighting kit gives you everything you need for 2 x 86″ tall umbrella flashes, plus 1 x 28″ tall accent light – including the bulbs and carry cases for everything. You’ll probably need to tweak your white balance, but this simple package will make a dramatic difference to indoor portrait shots.

The Octopus Selfie ‘Stick’

Selfie stick octopusIt’s not a stick nor is it an octopus – neither does it even have 8 legs. But these things are so darn useful if you want to get a bit more flexible with your selfie shots.

This thing is not only a highly useful grippy ‘attach me to pretty much anything’ octopus mount for your smartphone. It also comes complete with a bluetooth remote trigger. Selfie game upped.

GoPro Body Kit

gopro body kitIf you have a GoPro and want to attach it to various parts of your body to perform suitably dangerous and crazy activities, then this kit will probably handle it.

I mean look at this bundle – you’ve got a head mount, body harness, wristband, bike mount, 360 backpack clip, car suction cup mount and a floating grip… in case you drop it underwater. Not bad at just $70, but currently clearing out at an insane $20 for the lot.

Hot Shoe Level

Hot shoe camera levelWant to get your tripod level, just pop one of these cute little cubes in the hot shoe flash socket.

It has 3 bubble levels in 1, so it works on all 3 axis at the same time. It’s also a cute little 25mm x 25mm x 25mm cube so it’s small enough to take everywhere but big enough to read easily too. They even throw in a free microfibre cleaning cloth too, just in case your camera bag isn’t already stuffed full of them 😉

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